All my sessions are based on, or include teaching you tools and techniques including mind mapping, visualisation, energy medicine exercises, mindfulness, affirmations, recommendations to literature, videos, meditations and music which are tailored to you achieving your goals.
Online Sessions 
(via Zoom)
Talk Energy - £65
A holistic approach to working with who you are: your personality, characteristics and life experiences.  Using Five Element Theory, you can harness and refocus your vitality for life to boost your feel good energy and achieve your goals.
EFT - £65
EFT focuses on the root cause of emotional disharmony. The technique, which is easy to learn and use, involves tapping along the body’s meridians in parallel while repeating affirmations and can eliminate negative and painful emotions associated with feelings such as low self-esteem, phobias, trauma, anxiety, depression, stress and more.
Bespoke Recorded Meditation - £85
During this session I like to hear about you and what feel good energy/goals you’d like to work on. This can include things you want to let go of and do more of. I usually ask you various questions to get a feel for your energy type and what makes you as an individual tick and where you feel safe.

After our session having used my therapeutic skills, intuition and deep listening I create a bespoke meditation.  The result is a slow paced form of relaxing breath work about you and your safe space. This helps to cultivate change in a gentle and supportive format to help you build a life you love.

Block bookings for 4 sessions are also available at £222
One to One Sessions
Mindful Walking - £65
Thich nhat hanh is famous for mindfulness and walking with purpose. This session is built around the principles of deep listening, curiosity and self awareness. 
Using the environment around us we will walk together with the purpose of talking about your life,obstacles and goals. Using a curious and non judgemental approach to who you are alongside Eden Energy Medicine exercises, the Meridian system and Five Element Theory we will seek a path of personal acceptance and enlightenment so you can rediscover the power of being completely yourself.
At Home - £65
It does what it says on the tin. I visit you in your own home to work with your energy in whichever capacity suits your needs.  Reflexology, Energy Medicine, Talk Energy Therapy, Reiki or EFT.  My emphasis is on your comfort and as a result I tend to treat you sitting in your favourite chair or somewhere you’re comfortable being treated. This is with a view to leaving you feeling, relaxed and cared for on your terms.
Community Based - £60
(weekly / bi-weekly / ongoing only)
My opportunity to pay it forward. This past year has been difficult for many people and I want therapies to be accessible so that means I need to be too! If you choose this form of treatments you will be connecting with me on a weekly or bi weekly ongoing basis (no contract) via a flexible agreement and a set cost to you of only £60ph (including travel within Edinburgh) this can be for online, mindful walking or at home energy sessions.

Block bookings for 4 sessions are also available at £222 
(dependant on location for one to one sessions in person)